Funnel Wind Turbine: A new design harnesses 600% more electricity from wind


A company in Minnesota has signed a licensing agreement which stated that the energy produced by its generators will be used in Netherlands. It is said that this system produces up to six times more green energy than the traditional systems.

The system captures wind from all directions and every type of wind is used even the ones as low as 2 miles per hour. The wind is delivered to the generators on the ground level where the kinetic energy is transformed into electric energy. If there is any residual wind in the process it is returned to the environment. This design keeps its generators on the ground rather than the top and this is better because it allows the possibility to produce up to 600 percent more power as the company claims.

This powerful device can be used in developing nations and also in areas where electricity is not that accessible. You will see in this video how this one works and you will be impressed by it. This design might be the future of wind powered energy and you should know a few things about it. Simply watch the video so you get the main idea surrounding this design.