Giant B-52 model airplane test flight

Building yourself an airplane isn`t something easy, but as you will see in this video, it is possible. The man in this video managed to build himself a giant RC B-52 model airplane flight. He shows that this airplane flies and as you will see in this interesting video, it flies really well. There are a few videos regarding this airplane and you will certainly like watching this one too.

The man in this video documented the entire process of building himself an airplane. He said that the whole process of building an airplane cost him around 60,000$. The video shows how this operation is a true success and as you see in this video the plane gets back to the ground pretty gentile. The operation is a success. The plane flies exactly as a normal plane and the footage is really nice.

The landing goes well and everything seems to be ok. In the end we see how the men really enjoyed this experience. You will see in this video how this plane does a great job in flying and even getting back to the ground. It is a really interesting thing to watch it flying knowing the fact that this isn`t a real plane.