Gigantic RC SA-318 C Alouette II , Turbine Super Scale Remote Control Helicopter


Building yourself a helicopter isn`t an easy task even if you build a smaller one. This man decided to build a ¼ helicopter replica and as you will see in this video, the results are truly fascinating. The level of details is amazing and this creation seems to be quite useful.

The shrouded rotor design of the original helicopter has been kept and as you will see, this helicopter seems like a real one except it is a smaller version. The mechanism of this little helicopter is complex and you will see that the rotor is spinning at 1,000 rpm. The tips of the blades are travelling at 432 km/h and 120 meters per second.

Controlling this helicopter is also a challenging task. It is more challenging to control it than to control an aircraft and you will also see that in this video. This Aerospatiale Aloutte II is a French helicopter that was the first helicopter to be powered by a gas turbine engine. It has been used for a lot of purposes from observation and photography to carrying anti-tank missiles.

The video shows a similar model of this helicopter, but in a smaller version and you will find it pretty nice.