Helicopter pilot is trying to use the helicopter as a lawn mower


Having great skills when you are flying with a machine is something that not many of us can say. This isn`t the case of this video.

The pilot of this helicopter has some sweet skills regarding mowing the lawn. If you have a lot of money and you want to spend them in style, you should hire this skilled pilot in order to help you out. As you will see in this video, he manages to mow the lawn by using the helicopter. He tilts the chopper down and brings the blades inches from the ground. After doing that he rolls forwards and proceeds to take off.

This practice is usually used to take off in higher altitudes. This has to take a great amount of practice and this pilot shows his skills in this video. You certainly need a lot of skills in order to do what this pilot does in the video. This video jokes about the fact that this can easily be the most expensive lawnmower in the world.

This can turn out to be true because what this pilot does is a truly incredible thing that a lot of people seem to like a lot.