Huge Rc Bell UH-1Y Huey turbine scale model helicopter


The scale engine technology has improved a lot nowadays and the devices which different people create are getting batter and better. As you know, if you are a fan of this technology, we can now talk about real and expensive motorsports.

This is the Bell UH-1Y Huey helicopter made from scratch which looks and acts like the real thing. The power to weight ratio is not as good as the real one, but as yo use in this video, the helicopter performs well and does all of the things, the pilot asks it to do.

This helicopter is noisy and if you are not a fan of this aspect, then you shouldn`t considering building one for yourself. The sound which this one makes is remarkably similar to the sound that the real helicopter makes. As you can see in the video, it seems like the helicopter works and flies as the original one while making the sounds which a real helicopter makes. I

t flies smoothly through air and it doesn`t have problems with the landing. It certainly is a dream come true for a helicopter fan and as you can see in the video it also seems that the man who made it, controls it without any issue.