LEGO Audi R8 V10 with Remote Control

A guy from Poland managed to build himself an actual car using only lego. He added all of the needed things to the car in order to make it work. He made this car from orange Lego bricks.
As you will see in this video, the car looks truly amazing. It is one of the best cars ever built using only lego bricks. You will enjoy this car model a lot because there aren`t many lego cars that truly work. The guy in the video made a pretty great job by building himself a nice lego car. He decided to make a replica of an Audi. He also has other replica cars too.
This RC car is a true piece of art and as you see in the video, this guy has done a great job in making himself a great car. The little car made by this polish guy can be a great addition to any living room. You will certainly be delighted by this car. As you see in this video the car some great additions and the guy in the video does different things with it.
You will see that this car also has some led lights added to it.