Never try to block a BMW 7 series


Today pranks are a big part of our society even if we want it or not. Not many people like these pranks though and it seems that they react in different ways when they find themselves to be part of a prank.

The prankers try to make different scenarios ion order to get a reaction from the people. Usually the pranks turn out to be fake or the reactions aren`t quite what the pranker expected. There are situations when the pranks backfire on the pranksters. This usually happens when people find clever solutions to get out of any prank.

This video shows exactly that. In this one we see that a bunch of pranksters park their big trucks next to a girl`s BMW. Instead of getting mad, she starts using her own tricks in order to get out. She cleverly uses one of her cars features in order to get out easily. You will see that this video seems pretty fun and it clearly shows a great amount of ingenuity.

You will certainly like this video and how it unfolds. Check this one out in order to see how this girl manages to escape using her remote control. You will certainly like it.