Overloaded german ship hit the bridge in Rotterdam, Netherlands

In the 1 of July 2020 the container ship Rhenus Duisburg sailed against the Willemsbrug. The ship, which was presumably overloaded, lost three containers. Research is currently being conducted by the Ship Accident Analysis. Police reported on Twitter that no dangerous goods were being transported. The drifted containers are hoisted ashore.

Inland skipper Bert van der Vlist, he is moored near the Willemsbrug, suddenly heard a lot of noise. “I went to see what was going on and saw that the ship was overloaded. I heard curses in German. Scheiße, Scheiße ! “” Van der Vlist then saw that the skipper tried to reverse with all his might, but because it went against the current and wind, he was unable to get the ship under control.