Perpetual Motion – Free energy with Boyle’s Flask


In this video you will see a quite fascinating idea. This Perpetual Motion Water is the idea of Robert Boyle. It is also called Robert Boyle`s Bottle and the main aspect of this invention is that it is able to actually create free energy.

This Free Energy Generator works pretty simple and you will see in this video exactly what is the principle used in order for this one to work. A perpetual motion device, also known as an over-unity device is a device that is capable of working for a long period of time without any intervention from outside or any energy input. This is the case of this invention and as you will see in this video it seems like it is pretty interesting.

Nobody has ever built such of a device because it violates the laws of thermodynamics. It is possible to get enough power in order to power this machine so it will power itself again. In the real-world problems may appear and this type of machine will have to deal with different things such as friction or other inefficiency.

Watch this video in order to get an idea about how this interesting machine works.