Tankers Principles: Types of tankers and how the liquid in the tank acts while it moves


There are three types of Tankers: Smoothbores, Bulkheads and Baffles.In this video you will learn how liquid cargo acts while the vehicle is moving. As you will see in the video, this can easily affect the stability of the vehicle.

Also we will understand how each and every single one of these tankers work and you will make an overall idea about how this process works. In order to understand how this one works you will need to learn more about the sloshing effect. The sloshing effect results from the movement of the liquid in partially filled tanks. This movement can be bad on handling as you will see in the video. If you ever pulled a tanker trailer you probably already know the sloshing effects that happen.

The hauling liquid loads can easily be intimidating and some tankers will have baffles or bulkheads and some tanks won`t have them. Bulkheads use a solid divider in order to divide a liquid tanker into smaller tanks. The baffles are used to control the backward and the forward movement of the liquid. Just watch this video so that you will manage to learn how the movement of the truck impacts the liquid in the tank.