700HP engine mounted on a small car Fiat 126


Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino is also known as Fiat and it is the largest auto-making company in Italy. This company was founded in 1899 and it is known for its tiny but certainly functional automobiles.

Type 126 is a small economy car that has been introduced by Fiat in 1972. The majority of these cars were produced in Poland and they quickly became a cultural icon because their fame has grown in this country. “Maluch” means “little one” in Polish and this is the nickname that this car got because of its fame in this country.

This video is quite unique and you will be fascinated by this modification. You will like the breathtaking performance of this car and you will certainly enjoy how this supercharger performs in order to power the car. It also sounds cool and you will like watching it a lot. Simply watch this video in order to have fun. It isn`t a long video and you will see that you will be satisfied if you decide to watch it out.

Just be amazed of how this car performs and what power it has thanks to the modifications that it went through in order to achieve this power.