A 450HP engine mounted on a Fiat 126

Certainly the Fiat 126, successor to the Fiat 500, did not expect such a fun destination. In a country where there are many insane races, a burnout competition is not surprising. However, a burnout Fiat 126 is not something we see every day.

In a creation that lasted about two and a half months, the project consisted of putting a 4.0 V8 engine that generates about 450 horses and that’s it.

The owner of the model says that all the electronic components of the small Fiat were removed and the engine was adapted exclusively to generate enough power to make the 126 maneuver and burn a lot of tires.

Without further ado, meet the fun Fiat 126 burnout now. Watch the video below and see the little Fiat in action. Or rather, the smoke that it is capable of.