80-year-old Fairbanks Morse diesel engine is still running and sounds like a monster


With 6 cylinders, it was manufactured by Fairbanks Morse & Company, company originated in 1832 and founded by Thaddeus Fairbanks.

It is interesting to note that Fairbanks Morse diesel stationary engines , model 32D, were produced for services performed at power stations, pumping stations and also in factories , among other possibilities of use.

Historically, they were considered very reliable and with little maintenance , also because of their construction in cast iron.

Now better than knowing the story, is to see this incredible machine in operation. The video was recorded at the Pottsville Historical Museum, near Merlin, Oregon, in the United States . Just look how curious it is and the sound is spectacular. Check it now, because more than 17 million people were already impressed watching these images.