Himalayan Railway – ‘Z’ reverse

This is the “Z” reversal in Darjeeling railway at a place called Rangtong. Many of you would have enjoyed this jolly ride in this train. But I don’t know how many of you have noticed this difficult turn. In 1880, the concerned engineer laying the track, could not find enough space for the track to climb up. It was impossible to take the track forward along the hills. He was stuck. His wife gave an idea. Engineer’s wife: Darling, why are you so much worried about this piece of paper? Engineer: I am not able to find a solution for this Engineering problem. Wife: What problem? tell me. Engineer: After constructing up to this stretch, not able to proceed forward. Wife: So what? Engineer: No place to go forward, very steep terrain. Wife: If you are not able to proceed forward, don’t worry. Go backward. Engineer: what? Wife: Go reverse! The engineer got the solution and finalized his design. He had mentioned this instant in his diary. Moral: Never turn deaf to your wife’s advice!.