Swiss train in Brusio spiral loop railway viaduct – in Switzerland


The Brusio helical viaduct is among the major attractions of the Bernina Railway, a UNESCO World Heritage Site , which in turn is part of the Rhaetian Railway .

Between 1908 and 1910 the design engineers of the Bernina Railway were confronted with some extreme challenges. The route from Tirano (429 m asl), through the Bernina Pass (2253 m asl), leads to St. Moritz (1775 m asl), must not only overcome large differences in short distances, but also avoid excessive numbers of galleries, considering its tourist character.

A difficult task properly solved
The Bernina Railway is the only one able to cross the Alps without a tunnel at the base or at altitude and without a cogwheel traction. It hides elegantly inside the mountain the most difficult corners to overcome the differences in height, or – as in Brusio – it overcomes the obstacle thanks to an external helical viaduct.
The passage ‘open’ on a viaduct allows the train to slip under the seventh arch and passengers to fully enjoy this miracle of railway engineering: a circle on tracks.

The stone artefact represents a spectacular marvel admired with amazement by those who stay in Valposchiavo or by those who simply pass by car.