Never stop the car near a bear


A drive through the land of bears can soon turn out to be a really dangerous thing. As yo use in this video, a couple gets clos reaction.

After only a few seconds, the bear decides to attack the car so the woman starts speeding up so she can esse to a bear. Everything seems calm at first and suddenly the couple starts seeing a bear on the road. The bear seems to be pretty friendly and this is why the woman stops the car in order to see the bearcape from the animal. It isn`t clear in this video if the animal attacks the car or it only wants to play, but it certainly is a scary experience to take part in. The bear seems to attack the car and this is what triggers their reaction to flee away.

Bears are really dangerous animals and although there may be cases of them appearing to be calm and innocent, they aren`t quite friendly especially when humans put them in some scary situations. A frightened bear is really dangerous and it can do everything in order to escape.

The best advice to when it comes to bears is to try to avoid them.