Two planes attempt to LAND in the same time on the same runway


Slovakian Government’s Airbus A319 and Tupolev Tu-154 doing a simultaneous approach to the same runway at the same time. The two planes flew in formation all the way to a few a feet over the runway and then executed a go around. This was the last appearance of the TU-154 before it’s retirement. The Tupolev Tu-154 is a three-engine medium-range narrow-body airliner designed in the mid-1960s and manufactured by Tupolev. The Airbus A319 is a member of the Airbus A320 family of short- to medium-range, narrow-body, commercial passenger twin-engine jet airliners manufactured by Airbus. The A319 carries 124 to 156 passengers and has a maximum range of 3,700 nmi